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We work with you to create effective strategies, planning and problem solving to have your business succeed. Our objective is to have you develop new skills, specialized knowledge and implement this into your daily business practices. In working together, you will develop a deeper level of expertise to bring your business to the next level.


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Create an effective and powerful marketing plan by attending our live online Marketing $eminar with Debra Shine. As the owner and visionary you have the best understanding of what works for your business. This is why it’s beneficial for you to attend. In our marketing seminar we will cover positioning, competition, marketing strategies, techniques and create a marketing plan specifically for your business. Ask us about special pricing if you’d like your team to attend.

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Just imagine spending 2 full days with a dedicated consultant committed to you and the success of your business!

You will create:
• Structures for Success
• Creative Solutions
• Marketing Plan
• Critical Actions for the year

Call to set up Development Days with Debra
Location: Rohnert Park, California
Cost: $2,000
*Airfare and hotel not included

**May we suggest staying at the DoubleTree in Rohnert Park, California


Let Flagship lead you through a product launch to achieve maximum impact and profit. Product launches help build sales momentum. Also, we help you discover your treasure chest. At the heart of every business is a new product or service that can create a revenue stream for you. Flagship offers an in-depth consultation to discover your treasure chest.

Flagship offers consulting for effective professional public speaking, presentation skills, speech content and topic development. Our programs give you feedback and will develop your speaking and presentation skills. We are dedicated to helping professionals communicate their message and move an audience. Our objective is that you have a natural confident delivery when speaking. Visit our "Book Online" page to schedule a call with Debra and learn more!  

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