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Our vision is for you to “lead the way” in your industry. The best way to do that is through effective business and marketing consulting. We can help your business grow and attract new customers.


In my 40 years of business experience, every business owner I’ve worked with had a vision for their business, and a dream beyond that. Our logo says it all; the tip of the Flagship headed for a Tropical Island.


Whatever your Tropical Island is: industry leader, buy and sell your business, a quality lifestyle, provide for your family, top education for children, early retirement, savings & reserves, or a real tropical island. Flagship is here to support you in the success of your business, and the dream beyond.


Markets today are quick, short, fast paced and very competitive. Your marketing and growth plan must capture markets quickly, be flexible, have the ability to change, and develop new products and services.

Flagship will lead the way on your journey! I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. You can reach me at  877.981.SHIP (7447) or 415.450.9566 x704.
Debra Shine - Founder


Debra Shine
Debra Shine

Founder & CEO

Debra Shine is a business consultant throughout the United States. Her background includes 40 years of sales, marketing and business consulting. Debra developed a $50M international market in two years for a Fortune 500 company. She has also been the owner of four successful businesses; two marketing companies, a consulting firm, and a day spa, which served over 500 clients. Debra is a master strategist and creates effective and powerful ways for your business to grow.

Marketing drives sales, and sales drive the growth and success of your company!

Walter Shine
Walter Shine

Chief Public Speaking Officer

Walter Shine’s 30 years as a successful business owner, consultant, and professional speaker offers a wealth of experience. He will support you in developing a powerful message and presence in your communities. Walter’s objective is to help you be an inspiring public speaker, promote your business and lead the way! 


Walter is a national, inspiring public speaker who addresses important issues with an honest approach. His thought provoking topics challenge us to reach for higher ground in our day-to-day life.

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